Thursday, August 11, 2016


Of what value is FAITH, is BELIEF?  Perhaps, of the very greatest value of all, for without it, LIFE, "YOUR LIFE WITH PURPOSE BORN" and yet to be discovered may never be realized by "YOU"!

When FAITH and BELIEF have we, then can honestly we look within ourselves, within our mind, within our heart, within our SOUL, and hear that which calls from deep within. When FAITH and BELIEF  have we, then can CHOICE be made to pursue that which calls from within us, filled with passion, determination, persistence, and creativity. Obstacles have not a chance before us, because they will be overcome one way or another fueled by our fire of purpose now known and pursued!

When such FAITH and BELIEF have we in ourselves, more easily do then each we inspire others to have such FAITH and BELIEF in themselves by our example, and then do we too have FAITH and BELIEF in others as well!

When such FAITH and BELIEF have then "WE", wonderfully magnificent CHOICES then do "WE" make for GOODNESS SAKE, and if such CHOICES "WE MAKE" for GOODNESS SAKE, do not "WE", does not "OUR WORLD" then benefit?

Of such positive influence can each and all WE truly be "if" FAITH and BELIEF first have we!

Of what VALUE is FAITH, is BELIEF? The very greatest VALUE of all, LIFE with purpose discovered, pursued, fulfilled for GOODNESS SAKE!

Shall WE begin?

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