Thursday, August 11, 2016


Of what value is FAITH, is BELIEF?  Perhaps, of the very greatest value of all, for without it, LIFE, "YOUR LIFE WITH PURPOSE BORN" and yet to be discovered may never be realized by "YOU"!

When FAITH and BELIEF have we, then can honestly we look within ourselves, within our mind, within our heart, within our SOUL, and hear that which calls from deep within. When FAITH and BELIEF  have we, then can CHOICE be made to pursue that which calls from within us, filled with passion, determination, persistence, and creativity. Obstacles have not a chance before us, because they will be overcome one way or another fueled by our fire of purpose now known and pursued!

When such FAITH and BELIEF have we in ourselves, more easily do then each we inspire others to have such FAITH and BELIEF in themselves by our example, and then do we too have FAITH and BELIEF in others as well!

When such FAITH and BELIEF have then "WE", wonderfully magnificent CHOICES then do "WE" make for GOODNESS SAKE, and if such CHOICES "WE MAKE" for GOODNESS SAKE, do not "WE", does not "OUR WORLD" then benefit?

Of such positive influence can each and all WE truly be "if" FAITH and BELIEF first have we!

Of what VALUE is FAITH, is BELIEF? The very greatest VALUE of all, LIFE with purpose discovered, pursued, fulfilled for GOODNESS SAKE!

Shall WE begin?

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Such precious gifts are we so given,
     And often with but mere glance do not we SEE,
How wonderful is our Life,
     With Faith and Belief in thee!

May YOU with aching heart,
      For those traveled afar,
Be mindful of the merriment,
     Of wishing upon a star,
For heart-felt words of Love,
     Are heard without a doubt,
And ALWAYS are they answered,
     But never with a shout.

A sudden warm gentle breeze,
     Upon our skin we feel,
A warmly treasured song is heard,
     Deep within our ear.

And even in the depth of Winter,
     With Sunlight near forgotten,
Or as if within our heart we feel,
     As if with sudden splinter,
There comes down from above,
     So loving a gentle hand,
And lands within our heart,
     Causing us to stand.

We stand and walk about the room,
     Filled with joy and glee,
For NEVER are YOU alone,
     This now know YOU be!

Shall WE begin?


Yesterday while I was working, a coworker came in as a customer, and I was fortunate enough to be able to provide him with the service he required.

While assisting him, I told him I was happy to see him up and about (I had heard he had been in an accident and had gotten pretty banged up).

It turned out, he had been in an accident on the Interstate while on the way Home from where we both worked, and that I had been in one of the cars diverted off the road while Firefighters were attempting to cut him out of his smashed car.

Traffic had stopped in front of him, he stopped in time, the car behind him did not, hitting him at full speed. That sent him into the car in front of him, and into a side spin where he was hit by another car going full speed in the next lane, flipping his car into a roll.

As I followed instructions diverting us off the Interstate, I passed those damaged cars and prayed for those injured and for those I was sure of whom must of been killed (for so wrecked were the cars).

A gentle giant of a man, with a heart of gold, and a loving family, GOD was with him that day, for he lived. So thankful is he for being given Life!

He realized how seldom he had stopped to appreciate that which was around him until it was almost too late!

I understood completely, as he did well know!

May YOU all be PRESENT in mind, in body, in heart this Holiday Season, and give rightful thanks for YOUR many, many BLESSINGS while YOU are able. Be safe!

Have FAITH, have BELIEF, and remember; "NEVER do we walk alone!" Shall WE begin?

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Given time, with perspective gained from knowledge acquired from lessons learned, you would think that people would choose to make better choice when once again at similar moment or circumstance! But often, they do not, for such repeated choice made with so now predictable an outcome near certain, becomes more tolerable, than that which is yet to be discovered (even if it be of grand reward)!

For choice of such difference to be made would require faith, belief, be it of ones self, of another, of others, of God.

From the earliest of age are lessons learned, knowledge acquired, perspective gained, and choices made.

Of such powerful influence are we all upon the future yet to come; For our choice made to love, to have faith, to have belief, to encourage, to set example, to be faithful, to be truthful, to do good, to stand in defense of another, to do the best that you are capable of, to try, to not give up, to take the first step and to follow with another, to also see that which is before you from another perspective, and so much more, the young, our young do so learn and make choice.

Finite time do we have upon this Earth in this manner we are accustomed, the day will come when in this form you are no more!

Your choices now will be of wonderful consequence when that day comes. Have FAITH, BELIEVE, for never do we walk alone, be it here or thereafter!

A choice have you now to make! Shall WE begin?

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Have YOU ever lost YOUR way, forgotten who YOU are, been so overwhelmed with pity or guilt that straight could YOU not think nor see. Has your loving and caring heart been broken or seemingly smashed into a billion pieces by events so tragic or previously unforeseen, that once they have transpired, no longer could YOU tell up from down, right from wrong, good from evil, nor even did it matter?

No matter how or why YOU arrived, on the edge of oblivion did YOU seem to appear, and but nowhere did YOU seem to be able to go except to take the next step into a darkness without a glimmer of light!

And then, from within the vary depths of YOUR SOUL, your true FAITH and BELIEF in GOD ignited the Flame of YOUR SOUL, and ever so lovingly, gently, encouragingly were YOU guided in the right direction, at the right time, at the right place!

I was at such a place, and my FAITH and BELIEF in GOD gave me light, gave me HOPE, gave me direction, gave me riches of heart without equal that will last for time eternal!

In December 1983 I was Honorably Discharged from Service (by choice), and once back in my hometown, at such a place as described above, was I (my fellow Marines had been killed in mass by an act of terror, and I had not been by their side Oct.23rd 1983).

As if a ship without rudder, no matter how I attempted, in one direction could I not tell I was going nor why or how.

Then such spark of Light from within my Soul did once again ignite, for never had my FAITH and my BELIEF in GOD leave it!

One step, and then another did I so take, direction did I once again find, HOPE again did I have that my lifelong dream of finding "the right woman to love and marry, care for, protect, and share Life with, raise children with would someday be fully realized.

Choice be made, steps taken, a job accepted, time passed, such a woman did I meet at the place where I worked (she started after I had already been working there). Chance? I know; "NOT"!

With young son was she. Chance encounters throughout our day, then excuses made to use the office equipment in her office, teamed together to accomplish work assigned tasks, and then a request by me to attend company holiday party together (she agreed). Dating, yes. Introductions to Family, and time so very well spent. Outings with Mother and son so well spent!

To my Father was she at first introduced, and to mutual surprise to the both of them (and to me), a common link did they share; her son was the Grandson of one of my Father's best friends. Think about that for a long moment, was this truly a chance encounter (she had moved from Florida, back to New York where millions of people live and work). She and I had chosen to work at the same company, in the same year, and had literally bumped into each other time and time again until finally of mutual planning. Yes we had made choices to move things along (but were not the choices presented at so timely a fashion and in so timely a manner, in reality, by design, as if steering questions of a seasoned professional, but in this case the Will of God, an answer to one so strong and firm in FAITH, of BELIEF).

More choices made, more time elapsed, united as Family, dream a work in progress, joyfully (yes with bumps along the way, as with any journey of merit). More children did come, a house became Home. Life shared, Love evolved and grew. FAITH and BELIEF in GOD without question.

Jobs did change as was necessary, but the love within the hearts of each of us grew stronger by the day.

Choices had we all daily, choices did we all make, daily (but again, was not GOD'S HAND still at work). For on November 7th, 2014, again was I in my hometown, six buildings away from where I had first met my wife, celebrating the Wedding of  "that once young boy" (the Grandson of one of my Father's best friends, a friend that had lent my Father use of his car to drive my Mother to the hospital to have their first son). And although both men are now deceased, I know within my mind, heart and Soul, from Heaven did they so lovingly watch again standing side by side,

And the bride to whom Joseph Samuel Mayo married, the woman of whom so completely swept Joseph off his feet, Theresa LoManoco Mayo, could not be of more loving and faithful heart nor could her presence add more joy to our hearts than what is felt by all this day.

On Saturday morning, November 8th, 2014, before breakfast a walk did I take from the hotel next to where the reception had been only hours before; I walked up to that building where first I had met the woman with whom Life is now shared, and no longer is the company we had once worked for there. Now it is a New York State Lottery Claims Office (a place where people now go to claim their prize).

I realized at that moment, that I had won the grandest of all jackpots, for I had now fulfilled (by the Grace of GOD, and with my FAITH and BELIEF in HIM), my lifelong dream; To find the woman, Diane Pattnosh O'Leary, of my dreams, a better Wife or Mother of our children could not I have, to have a Family, to love them, to protect them, to provide for them, to share with them, to see them grow and stand upon their feet with FAITH and BELIEF making choices right for them, and to feel the Love within all our hearts (Diane, Joe, Theresa, Michael, Anna, and soon to be Son-in-law, Danny, and of course , me).

I continued my walk along streets once traveled so long before, passing a Parish (Saint Pius) where a brother once wed his equally wonderfully magnificent woman of his dreams. I passed what was once her family's house and realized within mind, heart, and Soul, that he too had hit his jackpot, as have so many millions of others, seemingly by choice (or was it, truly?).

So wonderful a walk did I finish, with not a tear left within my body, for so joyful was my heart, that a waterfall of joy did I experience, giving praise to the true Architect of such Joy's design.

I sat in our assigned room, filled with loving hearts as all ate breakfast, and took one step back in mind, in heart, in Soul and marveled at how many lives had been touched ever so profoundly by so simple an act some 30+ years ago, for a choice had been made, a Journey started, one step, and then another, followed by as many as necessary to arrive at where I now sat. That circle had been completed, as I'm sure YOU too have completed one or more already.

Today another step do I now take, firm in FAITH and BELIEF in GOD, may YOU also. Shall WE begin?

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Author's Note; This was originally written on October 1st, 2014

One year ago today, I was granted the opportunity to learn how to walk with new parts. For you see, one year and one day ago, walking had no longer been possible with the parts I had been born with. It's amazing how something that is so simple for so many of us most of our lives, can become impossible in but a blink of an eye (or so it seems).

It took herculean effort, guidance from wonderfully trained professionals, patience and encouragement of family and friends, and every bit of FAITH, BELIEF, and discipline I had learned throughout my life to once again stand and walk confidently and without restriction by December 16, 2013.

People with whom I work now, often comment on how energetic I am (tireless they say), and  often ask me what is my secret for being as driven as I am.

I tell them simply; I am thankful for the opportunity to use that which I have, to do that which I can, and to be that which I can be (the best that I can possibly be).

I have gained a wonderfully enriching perspective on how precious our time is upon this Earth, and on how joyful and significant such simple things (like walking with my loved ones) can be, and are to me.

I urge YOU to marvel at YOUR many blessings, and to be ever so thankful for the opportunities afforded YOU as well. Make the most of each day, and take notice of the people and places around you. Be thankful for this day!

Dare to be YOU, for YOU, as am I, are significant! Have a great day!

Shall we begin?


We are more connected,
   than really any know;

If you have lost a loved one or
    fight for Life this day,
Alone will not you stand this and everyday.

For feel an Angel's touch as they gently
    steady your arm
Or hear your loved one's whisper,
   "I am now without more harm".

For alone are you not
   nor ever will you be,
For God's magnificent Grace
   has saved the likes of me.

Bathed by the brilliance and warmth
   of His Light,
I have now come to understand
   love's purest might.

We are more connected,
   than really any know,
For there within your heart,
   is ALL we need to know.

                            - Daniel G. O'Leary